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Sewage Treatment

Biosieve Microfiltration

Biosieve Microfiltration is a revolutionary technology that uses purely natural reagents to treat the waste water which is very cost effective than conventional waste water treatment systems.


sar Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology uses ultrafiltration membranes to alter mixed liquor combining biological, secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment in one compact step. This technology has been used to treat wastewater for over 25 years and is considered best available technology for achieving high quality effluent and a well-established means of enabling the reuse of wastewater. The MBR process guarantees a solids-free euent, allows for the biological treatment system to be optimized for nutrient removal, and produces permeate that is disinfected to levels safe for recreational and potable reuse. MBR is ideal for municipal, commercial and industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse applications.

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In the MBBR technology, microorganisms grow on the surfaces of plastic carriers in the treatment reactor. As the carriers move through wastewater in the reactor, microorganisms utilize contaminants present in the effluent for their biological activity.

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