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Water Treatment Chemicals


Kloros is made with high quality Sodium Hypochorite. We manufacture Kloros specifically for Water Treatment Industry. It helps to disinfect water in your Swimming
pools, Sewage Treatment plants and Effluent Treatment plants. The product ensures a residual chlorine of

120 gpl.


Ferrofloc made from natural rutile mineral is specially made for Water treatment Applications. It is a high performance flocculating agent in Effluent treatment plants particularly in latex and rubber chemical industries. It also is useful for flocculation in conventional Sewage Treatment Plants


Sulphox is food grade Sodium Meta Bisulphite and has a minimum of 65 % SO2 content. It plays an important role in the treatment of water and wastewater. It assists in the dechlorination of drinking water as well as in waste water to remove chlorine. It is also used in the process of purifying water, cleaning water pipes and Reverse Osmosis membranes. It acts as an Oxygen Scavanger in water treatment.

Oxycure 50

Oxycure is an Oxygen based Anti Algae product that is effective in killing Green Algae in Swimming Pools and Ponds. The product is formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide as active ingredient stabilized with Silver Nano particles. Oxycure also disinfects Water from Bacteria, Viruses and is proven to Work against COVID19

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