Covid19 Products


OXYPURE is an oxygen based disinfectant product that is effective in killing SARS-COVID -2 viruses (prepared as per WHO guidelines). The product is formulated with Hydrogen Peroxide as active reagent stabilised with Silver nano particles.

Oxypure can be used for following applications

• Indoor and Outdoor disinfection

•Disinfection Tunnels

• Vehicle Disinfection

• Disinfection of PPE kits and reusable N95 masks


Oxypure at a concentration of 1% decomposes into Oxygen and Water which are very safe for human beings. The product is fabric safe that it doesn’t decolourise fabrics and emits Chlorine gas unlike Sodium Hypochlorite. This makes it the best and effective product for COVID19 disinfection for both indoor and outdoor applications.  

Eco-Stero 360

The EcoStero - is a portable UV sanitizer to disinfect rooms and exposed surfaces. -
Eco -Stero delivers a UV-C Dose of 50,000 μJ/cm2 at a distance of 6 feet and provides a 4 log
reduction of all microorganisms susceptible this UV dose.